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Gulf Shrimp Lovers Rejoice

Gulf Shrimp Lovers Rejoice

Celebration Details

Gulf Shrimp Lovers Rejoice!

Flavorful. Local. Healthy. The perfect ingredient for any dish. And this fall, over 50 Mississippi restaurants will be serving specials on their menus celebrating Gulf shrimp. But not just any Gulf shrimp – TRACEABLE Gulf shrimp.

Through the Missisissippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association's collaboration with the Gulf Seafood Trace program and Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition, we're showing people exactly where their shrimp come from, tracing Gulf shrimp from the Gulf to your plate. Restaurant patrons can simply scan a Quick Reference (QR) code with a mobile device to access a trace map that shows the shrimp's journey.

From now through November 23, you'll see us all over the Gulf Coast and state of Mississippi promoting the great Gulf shrimp. You'll find us in your favorite restaurants to events like the Biloxi Seafood Festival and Chefs of the Coast. Follow all the fun on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Send us your favorite pics or videos of your shrimp "tale" or dish and enter our Instagram and Vine contests. Weekly winners will be announced and awarded some fabulous prizes.

So dive in and dine out this fall as we celebrate traceable Gulf shrimp!