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About Gulf Coast Seafood Coalition

Gulf Coast Seafood Coalition With a reputation for great times and premium American seafood, the legacy of the country's great seafood belongs to the Gulf Coast. Comprised of five states, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, Gulf Coast Seafood has been providing fishermen, grocers, chefs, foodies and many others with not only great food and memorable times, but also an economic engine that powers the entire region. High in demand, the Gulf Coast produces 70 percent of the nation's oysters, 69 percent of domestic shrimp and is a leading producer of domestic hard and soft-shell blue crabs. And as pioneers in many commercial fishing practices, Gulf Coast Seafood's taste profile is superior because of the nutrient-rich environment found in the Gulf.

The Gulf Coast Seafood Coalition (Coalition) was formed by The Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc. as a result of a grant from the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission) (NOAA Award #NA10NMF4770481). Representing all components of the seafood distribution chain, including commercial fishermen, processors, wholesalers, associations, sea grant, tourism boards, restaurants, retailers, chefs and charter boat sectors, the Coalition has been established to coordinate all efforts and provide a cohesive vision and overarching strategy to showcase Gulf Coast Seafood. Strategies will focus on expanding global market share for wild seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. For current updates, please visit

Coalition Objectives

  • Create demand for Gulf Coast Seafood products through partnerships, sponsorships, incentives, outreach and education.
  • Develop projects and programs to create positive views that ultimately translate into increased consumer demand, sales and value for Gulf Coast Seafood.
  • Secure new market opportunities for Gulf Coast Seafood and promotional events.
  • Provide cohesive vision for the five-state agency seafood marketing organizations in addition to Chambers of Commerce, charter boat industry, tourism boards and regional organizations.
  • Develop social and digital media to create excitement and brand awareness of Gulf Coast Seafood.

Member States

Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas

About The MHRA

Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association Have you ever unlocked the front door to your business and felt as if you were carrying every business burden all by yourself? Have you ever had questions that you simply could not find the answer to? Did you ever wish you could find just another 1 percent to bring to the bottom line?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you have uncovered a reason to be a member of the MHRA. The Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association is the only trade association in the state that exists solely for the purposes of helping you become successful. 

We have a menu of training programs, many of which are free of charge to our members. If it’s hourly training you need, we have the program. Need supervisory skills training? Look no farther. Allow MHRA to evaluate your financials free of charge.

Our core of endorsed services is sure to bring more money to your bottom line. From credit card processing and music licensing to health insurance and workers compensation insurance, our programs and services will bring more money to your bottom line.

To add benefit, your industry is represented by a team of government affairs experts that is dedicated to protecting you from harmful legislation while promoting legislation that will benefit the industry.  We estimate that our Government Affairs victories have saved the average restaurant over $10,000 over the past four years.

But perhaps the most important reason for joining is that is simply the right thing to do. Consider it your fair share contribution to an organization that is already acting on your behalf. Your fair share contribution will help us expand our programs, services and legislative presence so we can be of even more benefit to the industry. 

Mission Statement
The mission of the Association is to unify, foster, promote and protect the hospitality and food service industries. The goals of the organization shall be (1) to retain present members and recruit new members (2) to improve the communication process between the Association and its Members as well as promote educational opportunities to its Members and the public; (3) to establish a framework to insure the effective operation of the Association; (4) to support financially the statewide or legislative candidates and/or issues that best represent the views and positions of the Association; (5) to plan and execute an annual convention and other special events; and (6) to continue to work in the area of government affairs and in the areas of policy, directing and assisting the Association’s lobbyists, and addressing national issues which affect the hospitality and food service industries.

About Gulf Seafood Trace

Gulf Seafood Trace Gulf Seafood Trace aims to drive demand for U.S. Gulf seafood products from both seafood buyers and consumers by telling its unique story and sharing key information from vessel to plate or shelf. Incorporating a data quality and confirmation component confirms the validity and integrity of the information being shared by businesses.

Gulf Seafood Trace will ensure confidence in the market and help build a marketleading brand for Gulf seafood products by communicating the unique and special qualities of Gulf seafood so that the shopper or diner will ask for it by name. Telling the story will help to separate Gulf seafood from its competition and help to establish it as a premium, all-American brand in the marketplace.

Gulf Seafood Trace Participation in Gulf Seafood Trace is voluntary, and use of its robust electronic traceability platform, powerful marketing tools and integrated data quality and confirmation components are complimentary through the end of 2014. This offers a risk-free opportunity for companies to determine the benefits that Gulf Seafood Trace can deliver to their business. The use of the Electronic Traceability Platform empowers the seafood market with the ability to access and share reliable trace data that has been approved and shared by each business. The implementation and utilization of a Data Quality and Confirmation component confirms the quality and reliability of the shared data to the marketplace and seafood buyers. The Marketing Module allows seafood businesses to tell the compelling and unique story about their Gulf seafood. For more information about the program visit: